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Hey girl Hey,

Welcome to my brand spanking new website created just for you. I’m so excited to finally become a real official blogger. I always felt like the blogger with no blog sharing with everyone’s crowd but not my own.. so here I am! YAY! I’m so proud of this accomplishment, all the hard work that was put into this website to share my passions with you and to help out anyway I can makes me feel full inside!

designs by tamara lee

This is me Tamara Lee! Many of you may recognize this pic from my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tlee79/ so if you made it here Thank You and if you didn’t well Thank You too and Welcome to my zone!

Let me show you the ropes.. its really super easy, if you’re a browser and can handle it alone then totally feel free to have a look around my site..but if not keep reading sista!

To get to know more about me you can check out my Hey Girl Hey link..  https://designsbytamaralee.com/about/

If you have a question, just want to tell me I‘m beautiful or what to contact me to collaborated, hit me up here https://designsbytamaralee.com/contact/  

I’m so excited that my print shop is now available right here on my site too!!!! Yay, all in one zone.. how super easy right!?! You can shop my fun typography prints by clicking this bad boy here.. https://designsbytamaralee.com/shop/ 

Our latest project is our Vintage Trailer, we are in the beginning stages of a fully renovating it and will be showing every step of the way. link here for that soon to be blog zone https://designsbytamaralee.com/vintage-trailer-overhaul/

So there are all the zones of my site.. did you make it though? make sure you leave a comment and tell me what you think? I would love to hear from you!!!

 What I will be posting and What to expect..

  • I will of course be sharing Interior styling tips and how to’s, on a budget and for a small space.. dude my house is tiny, you can see how I design my zone maximizing every second of it. this section also includes Home Tours of mine and other my other designer friends.
  • DIY’s.. now that I have a platform to share in more detail of how to.. I’ll be sharing a ton of DIYs here do I’m so excited about this!! I also have some super awesome friends who are like legit for real kind of DIYer that are going to show you all kinds of cool stuff too.
  • My Vintage Trailer, like I mentioned before we just started it. I’m going to introduce it soon so stay tuned! I will be posting about every step of the way.

homegoodsI want to be totally honest and let you know that some of my post will be sponsored.. lets face it sponsored posts pay the bills and helps make this awesomeness go round . Even though this blog isn’t sponsored I wanted to give a shout out to HomeGoods, they picked me up and now they call me family, I’m honored to be working with such an amazing company. I will, due to legal stuff be adding in *sponsored by HomeGoods 


I’m sure there will be more ..maybe more of my road trips and travel. personal and family, makeup… ooh I can go on and on but for right now this it! I’m grateful for what I have, my heart is very full thank you so much for supporting me and checking out my new site. your love and support means the world to me.



Tamara Lee♥

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  1. mom, i am so proud of you! i can guarantee that i am your #1 fan!! you are the best!!! i can’t believe how amazing my momma is! keep it up! love you with all my heart!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I follow you on ig ☺ (@yankee.dougal.dordogne) can’t wait to see more about your Vintage Trailer ✌

  3. DUUUUUDE!!! Bestie!!!! This website is GORGE just like I knew it would be!!!! You ROCK, my friend! I’m so proud of yoooooou!!!!!😍🙌🏻😘💕

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