New Shelving in the Office (phase II)

Hey Girl Heyyyyy

Now that the closet makeover is complete it’s time to move on. I had planned on building 5 shelves to go against this wall like I did in the kitchen but over the weekend we cleaned out the shed and I found this ‘vintage’ leaning shelf I got about 19 years ago. I’ve had it in every house since, always in the family room, but a few years ago I got over it so I took it apart and stored it away. Lucky for me it was still in good condition and had all the bolts. #Holla This office zone, that’s really Brenna’s room so I need to make it functional for all her stuff since we are limited on space. It seems ever since I cleaned out and organized the bathroom linen closet that space is cleaned but all the stuff needed to go somewhere.. welp here’s where it went!

Did you know that HomeGoods has an amazing section just for kids? They have everything to put together a kid bedroom from beds to bedding, furniture you name it Aaaaand on top of that they have an awesome curated selection of kids learning toys and books. I legit sat in there for hours picking out books for my newish little reader Brenna.. putting them in rainbow order was just a given.

They also always have the best selection of baskets. I went with a darker wicker for the texture. I also have a larger baskets with handles under for her shoes and bigger toys. I like because she can just toss them in there and the room will stay nice and neat. plus our new puppy won’t chew on everything.. for reals everything.. she’s only 14 weeks and super busy!! #sendhelp

+Sponsored by HomeGoods

+Sponsored by HomeGoods


#Hustle print from my print shop 

I have a few neon lights in my house and one more on the way. I’m totally obsessed and had to share the love of Brite Lite Tribe with you

Neon Rainbow light – Brite Lite Tribe 

Rainbow mini light- Brite Lite Tribe

Here are a few similar piece that are linked to my affiliate amazon shop

Thank you so much for stopping by, next is lighting and gallery walls (of course) I think I might re paint the walls again but not sure.. I love sharing this process with!


Tamara Lee