Nana’s Cottage By the Sea-Halloween edition

Welcome to Nana’s cottage by the sea the Halloween edition { BOO }

Some of you guys have been following this cottage journey from day 1 on my Instagram and some jumped aboard today, either way, welcome one, welcome all!

This sweet cottage belongs to my Mom. All 803 square feet of it!

I’m working on a blog from the beginning. Bare with me as I gather all the pics. It was a journey you won’t want to miss!

Meantime, fast forward to 3 years later, Hello Gorgeous Halloween Edition!

Let’s start from the front and work our way around lookbook style!


Can’t wait to see what Mama does next!

Thanks for stopping by, If you would like links or How’s to’s let me know in the comments below↓

2 thoughts on “Nana’s Cottage By the Sea-Halloween edition”

  1. Tamara you make these rooms look like a little bit of sweet heaven with a
    Splash of spooky birds. Great job!
    Love it…

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