Mid Century Modern Dining Room: Before and After


Mid Century Modern Dining Room Decor 

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I’m so excited to show you my mid century modern dining room decor. I have always loved the clean look of modern furniture but when we first moved in, furniture wise, I had what I had and that was it. I then started working at a place where I got 40% off furniture that wasn’t 100% my style but when its on sale its always way better, right? I love seeing my style evolve, now that HomeGoods is in my life it’s all changed for the better. Let’s begin shall we..

dining room before

           This is kinda a before but really like during stages. I spray painted the chairs pink and added pink to the frames. I’m all about a house with a color story.. does your house have one? dining room durning

before and after
my first dining room picture

I have to take it back to when we first moved in. It’s a bad picture that’s why I didn’t want to start with it but loooook.. beige walls, boob light, the french doors were white and that yellow side table was a free in the back ally from our last house. eek but I had to share.. ok so back go these pics. above.. I seriously loved the black shelf unit that replaced the yellow side table.. it to was another freebie. You know what they say.. Never complain about something free. So it was here for awhile. I stored everything in it.. it was a perfect solution for my small house BUT I got totally over it. Around Christmas last year I took it apart and store it in my shed so my Christmas tree could fit in the family room. Yup, I had to then move the grey sofa (If you follow me in Instagram you’ll know his name is Charlie) to the dining room so my big ass tree would fit in the family room.

dining room durning

Then I kinda really loved it there too.. like a lot. || side note while we are here notice the walls are white, new light fixture, I kept the table but painted it bright yellow for a fun pop and I painted the french doors black for contrast, the rug made a huge difference but what really set the Mid Century Modern vibe here are the chairs. dining room

I put Charlie back where he belongs after I took down the tree and added in a bench. The pink chairs are my favorite ever so those bad boys are staying but the black pyramid chairs were needed in another room so perfect.

dining room buh bye black pyramid chairs I found two new white Emerson task chairs from HomeGoods that will totally complete the Mid Century Modern look I was going far. Now let me add in another frame and new chairs and I’ll be done.

Emerson task chairs

dining room durning

 My friend Oscar Bravo just posted a blog about Affordable Wall Art.. He has a link to this awesome BLA poster here.http://www.oscarbravohome.com/2017/01/affordable-wall-art-ideas-tips-and.html#more 

mid century modern homegoods Emerson task chairs

Emerson task chairs

I’m totally obsessed with the minimal clean look these white Emerson task chairs bring. When I was at HomeGoods I also picked up this Faur Fur throw to add texture on the bench. What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me what phase of my dining room you like or just say HI!

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  1. Great changes and your explanation of what you have done is so clear!! I have to say, I’d never heard the term ‘boob light’ but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!
    Lady, this is so you!!

  2. Awesome:) I’m so very impressed. You rock girlfriend! Can I have your signature? Lol (Autograph) love ya

  3. Hii Girly Hiii (lol. just loved ur intro so MUCH!)
    Absolutely LOVING this fabulous post i follow you on instagram and think this room is PERFECTION 🙂

  4. I love the light fixture, the rug and the white chairs! Well wait… actually I love the gray sofa and bench too! All off the furniture worked. ❤
    Looking forward to more blogs.

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