Meet Our Vintage Trailer


Introducing our Vintage Trailer

Hey Girl Hey,

Yes, it’s time for another introduction, but this time I want to introduce you to our current project. She is a 1967 KENCRAFT trailer, She’s 18′ of pure awesomeness, or what soon will be. Currently she is un-named and for me that’s super weird but for my husband Dennis, he isn’t about naming her. We name our ‘things’ like Frenchie the pink sofa but when it comes to our cars and now trailer we don’t. hmmm I bet if a super cool name comes up that we can’t resist we might change our minds {wink wink}


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Without further ado, here she is




 Her backstory and how we met

We packed up our Chevy and drove 7 hours north to visit my Dad and step-mom, Sandy’s home way up in Northern California, Greenville or as my Dad calls it “God’s Country”. It was summer of 15′, hotter than a mother I remember but, whatever we love a good road trip, plus I was going to see my Dad!

After we got there we of course walked the gorgeous the property when my eyeballs were glued to this trailer. It was across the property in this huge open garage they have with a few other trailers.. you know, different sizes for different places they go, why choose? (I’ll have to show you Sandy’s tiny Burro trailer soon, she re-did it herself and it’s so cute!)

Once I got inside my creative juices instantly started flowin,.. it was like I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!! I was telling Sandy and my Dad my vision of what I’d do. I tilted my head to the side, batted my eyelashes and said DAAAAAAAAAAAD!

He knew I’d love it and so did sweet Sandy, who is a creative genius herself. The topic was dropped that night, but the next day they told me I could have it! They had picked it up from a yard sale not that long before, she said it was covered in pine-cones. I’m actually still finding them stuck in walls.


Vintage trailer, Vintage, trailer, kencraftBrenna and Boss were excited about it too!

kencraft vintagr trailerkencraft vintagr trailerI mean all the windows… I totally LOVE these front windows.

kencraft vintagr trailer

Come on inside..

vintage trailer, overhaul, kencraft, 18'

kencraft vintagr trailer

Sandy was going to clean it up and use it as a craft room, a zone to come out and do woodwork, craft it up or whatever.. it was kinda perfect because the guy that had it before her used it to clean his guns and make bullets.

vintage trailer. kenctarft, 18'

We came back a few months later to pick her up, I remember the weather was much cooler then! Yay!  We had to first get new tires, rig the break light and get a slip from the DMV to transport her.

 No trailer breaks and 9 hours later she made it.

vintage trailer, vintage car, vintage truck *vintage trailer, vintage chevelle, vintage apache pick up (that will pull the trailer) You think we like it vintage??

My dad also gave me his 1958 Chevy Apache Pick-up when he first moved up north about 15-16 years ago. We painted it flat black, but she will now be re-painted to match the trailer so it will look awesome pulling it.

Thanks so much for stopping by to meet our Vintage Trailer, I can’t wait to take you along this overhaul with us..

Please leave a comment or a question, what you think or hope to see we do with her.. let us know what you think


Tamara Lee

sidenote: Sandy was super happy because she got a shed she turned into her studio instead another post for sure! Now we need to get back up there soon! God’s county is calling my name!

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12 thoughts on “Meet Our Vintage Trailer”

    1. Thank you Stacy, my only problem is i cant find another Kencraft that is just like this one.. they were all different. I read that the company just kinda built as they went so they are all kinda different, very not consistent. but thats what makes it fun coming up with it myself! Are you still looking into getting one?

  1. You know we are as excited as everyone watching to see the final ‘fix up’ by our talented Tamera Lee! Love too all

  2. you know I’m crying like a little baby right now because my Dad commented on my blog! DAD!!! I love you with all my heart and will always be your baby girl!!! WE NEED TO SPACE TIME TODAY!!!!!

  3. YESSSSS!!!! I’ve been waiting to see what you do with your trailer ever since you posted a pic of it after you bought it! Can’t wait to see how you transform it!

    1. I have a few more posts to go to get up to date! I’m so glad I’m not that far behind. She’s sitting still right now but we are planning on picking up again next weekend! I love you’re following along Kellie

  4. OMG!! She’s beautiful and so is your Apache!!! They will look soooo cool together! =O
    I’ve got to turn on the notifications on your blog ASAP!
    PS – I’m crying with you cause your daddy wrote on your wall! Aweeeee! ♥
    Can’t wait Tamara!

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