How I Painted My Tile Countertops for $60

My kitchen is the heart of my home, the zone I’m pretty much in All.Damn.Day.Long! I fill the bellies of my babies and the ones I love in here and that makes my heart so happy. What doesn’t make my heart so happy is the ugly tile that came with the house… I mean I guess it was OK because it is a neutral tone and that’s why I kept it for this long but it just killed my vibe every single time I came in here… and that’s a lot!!! So I started thinking what the heck can I do to help out this situation and handle it all by myself! And that’s when it hit me that painting was the one thing that I can totally handle and stay in my budget of less than nothing (but really only $62.35) and I did it!!!! And when I say it hit me I mean I was on and found a FREE Coupon and I was sold..  when it’s FREE OR super cheap it’s always way better! But let’s get it straight the quality is 100% I’m so proud of this project and how it turned out!!

In this blog I’m going to show you how I completely changed the look of my kitchen by painting the tile, I show you with Step by Steps and provide a Shopping list  * an Amazon affiliate links to shop ⇒I also wanted to let you know that I am just a fearless DIYer and not a professional tile painter!

Shopping List

Step One

Clean.clean.clean.. clean like you’re moving out of your first rental and you NEED the deposit back kinda, clean!

I started by mixing 50/50 ammonia and hot water. Super Strong so Beware! I scrubbed till the toothbrush was flat then I scrubbed the tile with the same mixture using the scours of the sponge. I let it dry and cleaned it again then once more for shits and giggles. The point is… Scrub It CLEAN! 

Step Two

Dull like period pains

Now that the tile is CLEAN and completely dry it’s time to scuff the tile with a 3M scotch guard scuff pad. All you really want to do here is to cut down the shine on the tile, nothing too much or fancy here.. just sand down the entire surface! Then you guessed it… CLEAN it! Wiping it down to get rid of all the dust.

Step Three

I grew up in the 80’s we mixed our own tapes

It’s time to tape it up! Tape up and around anything you don’t want to get paint on. Taking time to prep correctly will be the key to any project. If you skimp here you’ll regret, it trusts me. There’s no going back once the paintbrush is in hand!! I taped the top of my little lame backslash, I also taped around the sink and stove. If you are a messy Marvin use painters plastic to cover the cabinets and floor, wear gloves, overall, goggles you name it, go for it, ME? I’m cool I was barefoot so crazy I know!!

Step Four

it’s all about that bass, bout the bass.. bass, base coat, primer, the same thing

Now it’s time to start with Primer, if your a girl reading this (you Fricken rock for handling this) think of primer like how you prime your face before makeup, you know to minimize your pores and a create a layer for your foundation to grab onto.. well it’s basically the something but for your countertops. Depending on the color you are choosing, I’m going with black so I had them tint the primer as dark as they could.. it was a light grey.. better than white for sure!

I used my foam paint brush and started out painting the grout! I put a thick amount onto the grout lines then feathered them out… I would paint the entire square of grout lines then painted the tile itself. After each tile, I would run my brush over lightly to remove any brush strokes. I only painted on ONE coat of Primer. LET IT CURE FOR 24 HOURS!!! I know I know this sucks but the longer you let each coat cure the better.. trust me!

Step Five

 Let’s transform this transformation!!!

For this zone, I used exactly one quart of paint., One quart of FREE PAINT!!!!! I went with Black, of course. I started in the grout line just like with the primer. I painted 3 coats letting them dry 24 hours in between coats. Patience is key here. I started another project so I didn’t get anxious and say F it and paint before it’s completely dry. You end up lifting up the wet paint from before, it makes a mess just don’t do it! Wait it out… Trust me… again ha! been there done that!

*I used a water base paint HOWEVER you can also use OIL base. It was recommended BUT with the sealer, it wouldn’t matter anyway. I did this same process in my bathroom WITHOUT sealer and no problems yet, its been a good 6 months and so far so good! now that I have this sealer I’ll handle that next!

Step Six

 it’s basally lip gloss !!!

The last and final step is sealer.. seal it up!!!! This is the easy step, it like painting on milk. it goes on a clear-ish white but dries clear. I picked a satin finish so it’s easy to wipe, It does have a shine… I a little hope it dulls down but whatever. For this last step, I did TWO good coats of sealer letting them dry 24 hours in between. The more coats the better but don’t get all crazy I think 2-3 is good! The sealer I picked is strong enough for a garage floor, heavy duty stuff so I’m not worried one bit of it having problems!

It’s smooth like Kim K’s ass… I’m obsessed!!!!!! What do you guys think?? Ok, I have to say I did get black paint on the walls But I’m going to tile them soon. I have leftover subway tiles from the cottage # BONUS.

Isn’t wild what a little bit of paint can do? It totally transformed my little kitchen! I hope I helped you tackle your next painting project!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you are going to handle this project! I’d love for you to share with me! Use the Hashtag #TLeeLookAtMe on Instagram 

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