How do you swing? || Styling a indoor swing

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The topic for today is swings, inside or outside, how do you swing? I came across this hanging swing on my last HomeGoods shopping trip. It was that time I went with nothing really in mind, but left with everything I needed!!!  When I saw this hanging swing in the store I gasped and was like no way!! (If you were watching me shop on my Instagram stories you’ll remember) I instantly sat on it and swag away until everyone was looking at me weird, the lights went dim and it was time to go… just kidding, minus the people looking at me weird.. I get that a lot! Ha! I think it’s because I’M loud and I’m always taking to my phone ( I blame insta stories)
 I brought all it’s amazingness home and I can’t wait to show you how I styled it.

At first I had the swing in the opposite corner, but with the opening right there it made it just weird, I had the feeling someone was looking at be from behind, it was hard to relax so I moved it to under the window with all the natural light shining though. It’s a perfect place to find zen, read a book, meditate, nap, hang upside down like my daughter does or just swing.


     I balanced out either side of the fireplace by adding a fiddle fig plant in the same woven texture basket and at the same height.
Some swings come with cushions, some don’t, you basically can do whatever feels comfortable to you.. I added in a fur throw and a cat & star pillow for whimsy.  I hung a string of lights to twinkle at night. My entire family loves it, anyone who drops by have to swing before they leave.. it’s defiantly our newest focal point.

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I was thinking once it warms up a little here it might take a field trip outside to the back patio. It’s something about a swing and fresh air, reminds me of the swings my parents had growing up on Kings Place in Gilroy, Ca. I swear there was like 4 swings back there. My mom had a daycare so there was always like 500 kids at my house starting at like 6am. It was the same routine everyday, I loved outside time.. everyone’s laughing & screaming loud because you can outside. We had a huge rectangle size yard or so I remember it as huge at the time. When you went out back on the brick patio, you headed to the left, went over the wooden railroad ties and to the tanbark and there the swings were, my bedroom window was right there too. Sometimes I’d have to wait in line for a swing, so I’d act like I didn’t care and go on and do something else super cool so whoever was on the swing would jump off and then I’d sneak over and swing until I’d get blisters from holding the chain link so tight.
 You know that feeling in your stomach when you’ve gone so high and you’re on your way back down right before you give another pump so you won’t loose that momentum? Yeah I love that feeling. I love going so high that I can I lay back almost straight and soak it all in. Kinda like you’re flying. So free, with all the fresh air blowing in my face, oooh I loved it.
I remember the dirt was so low under the swings from dragging our feet to stop, must of been before finding the courage to wrap our arms around so you can jump off and land like a damn cat. Then mark it to show everyone how far you went.. member you member doing that!
Ooooh man or what about the swings at the fair!!!! BOMB!!! At first I’m not going to lie I freak out for a hot second. Like WTF who set this up? Then I realize it’s to late to think that and I enjoy… my fav is going at night.. I always take my shoes off, put my arms out, head back and fly!
Swings rock!!


There’s so many types of swings ranging from wooden to wicker, rattan and even macrame, There’s plastic ones, DYI’s, and I just saw a fully upholstered arm chair made into a swing. There’s so many varieties. So tell me… How do you swing?



Tamara Lee

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There’s a ton of swing inspiration on Instagram here’s my favorite 5 who rock swings too..

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