How to Decorate Fall Decor Items in More Than One Way

Shopping for fall decor just might be my favorite, it’s a time to add in rich tones like leather, velvet, and soft knits. Of course, layer all the rugs, bring out the fur throws and big blankets to help settle in during the cooler months ahead. To me fall decor is all about bringing in texture and boy did HomeGoods deliver. In this blog, I thought it would be fun to show you how I added the same fall decor around my house. I show you the different looks it brings when I added the velvet pillows to both my living and bedroom, you will see wheat bundles in every room, fur stools make their way to the living room after they slept under my new nightstand, pottery, plants, pumpkins, and bowls are seen throughout as well as rugs used as table runners. I went outside the box this fall and thought of multi ways to use one fall item, maybe this year you can enjoy a skull with a succulent on your coffee table then who knows next year you can add him to your open shelves in your kitchen. The options are endless, let me show you the four rooms I decorated for fall using these same items, my house is small so basically, this can be considered a fall home tour.

Moving forward after Halloween this will continue as my ‘Thanksgiving’ Look- double duty on top of double duty.. niiiiice!

It may have taken me a few trips to HomeGoods to gather it all but little by little I made it happen. Each trip is a hunt, I love digging around to see if there’s more than one thing and if there is it’s like a SCORE! My tip for when you shop HomeGoods is I always add to my cart, just in case, at the end go through your cart and prioritize what you need the most then delete what you don’t.

HomeGoods Fall Living Room

I love a pillow with a kick this one had a twin and a pumpkin that might be the long lost step sister.

On my coffee table, I added stacks of magazines to give height, I layered bowls for snacks, succulents, found skulls, mugs and of course my incense.

Sorry, Kayne and Kids your cover on Bazaar is awesome but this velvet pumpkin just topped you.. blooop!

HomeGoods Fall Kitchen

Simple as a dimple, let me tell you, just adding black and white elements with a touch of nature is so mind-boggling good to my eyeballs.

Keep it Cool,

Keep it Clean.

These wood bowls made their way around the house but their main squeeze is here.

I can’t get over these b/w patterned mugs. let me show you what I had before to compare…See this difference matching mugs make? say that 3 times fast

HomeGoods Fall Dining Room

Hello wheat bundles, I believe I’ve seen you a time or two, thank you for providing height to my tablescape.. and yes you are right, these are the rugs

I sewed together to make a runner for my entry and yes I am using it as a table runner because look at all that texture it adds.

In all seriousness I found 2 rugs at HomeGoods the pattern, color and texture I wanted but the size was too small so I sewed them together with an embroidery needle. Bam!

For the cooler days, I thought it would be nice to add a blanket to the bench, tassels came extra.. Holla!   

HomeGoods Fall Bedroom

Good thing we aren’t allergic to wheat right? these bad boys have been all over the house.

I brought in this soft, thick blanket in from the living room because I love it helped bring the stripes to the end of my bed.

These scrumptious texture lumbar pillows bring just enough pop in here to scream FALL!

I’m pretty sure these hairy little stool with hairpin legs are my fav ever!

The first time I went to HomeGoods I grabbed one.. luckily when I went back there was a few more… I was so stressed out thinking I wouldn’t find another.

That’s the best part about shopping HomeGoods.. you just never know! What are you planning on finding your next trip? #gofinding 


Next up is Halloween, I have plans to show you how I added in spooky touches to what I already have!

Thank you for stopping by and hanging with me!

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