How I Painted my Stone Floors for $60

For the past few years I’ve been wanting to paint my travertine/stone floors but have been talked out of it by almost everyone. To scratch my itch, over time I painted my granite fireplace black, then upper bar area in the kitchen also granite went black as well. I then later moved into our master bathroom, painted the countertop white, then the floors too. I stenciled them after but since my process wasn’t 100% I never blogged, I basically didn’t Prep AT ALL!!! It’s been a year to 6 months of no peeling, chipping and being a mess like everyone thought it would be so I continued on my way. If you missed the blog you can see how I Painted my Countertops← here.. I was a pinch nervous on that one because let’s face it, we use them every day. Every element touches them.. water, hot plates, cold glasses, knives.. yikes! I’ve learned if you do it right you are good. So I painted them.. then it was time.. time for the floors to be done.

Basically, I’ll be painting half of my house if I think about it… I would have to shut down the main walkways in our house leading to all the kitchen, bedrooms and most importantly the bathroom. So I took it a zone at a time.. over the weekend when the older girls were gone and my husband and Brenna had plans I handled it! The dining room first leaving space to jump over to get to the kitchen, from there you can head out to the garage or outside. After a few hours, we had to take off the screen from the master bedroom window and climbed in and out to pee! haha! My bad but hey it was fun for Brenna!

When that was dry, at night after everyone was sleeping I painted the kitchen floors and hallways, last I painted the hall bath! Now, just the family room and 3 bedrooms have wood floors and the rest will be painted.. I might as well be called the painted house now!!!

See how 4 days\nights and 2 gallons of paint transformed my house.. let’s start with a before pic.


Let’s get started! Here’s my shopping list. The bold items are shop-able links from my affiliate Amazon shop

Shopping List

    • old toothbrush
    • sponge
  • de-greaser-ajax cleaner (optional if no ammonia)


STEP ONE: CLEAN!!! Mix half hot water and half ammonia in a bowl and cleaned every inch of the floors.

STEP TWO: Scuff the dullness away then repeat Step One

STEP THREE: Tape up where you don’t want to be painted! 

STEP FOUR: PAINT!! I took my paintbrush, with a hefty amount of paint and painted the baseboards and the grout lines, then took my roller with a lot of paint on it rolled out any brush lines and filled in each square until fully painted. It was a thick first coat but not too thick.

Have a plan to where you’re painting too. Start in a corner and finish with a way to leave the zone.

After a few hours (I cranked up the heat to 71°) I placed a fan to help dry.

To paint the kitchen and hallway floors, the busiest, traffic zones used always I only had one time I could do it and that was late at night when the house was fed, showered and asleep! 

It took me 2 nights, once for the first coat and second for the last coat. The night time gave me plenty of time for the paint to dry. By morning it was dry enough to walk on.

FINAL STEP: SEAL!!! This is the most important part!! Otherwise, you will see every footprint and paw print.  Don’t get me wrong you can see it when it’s sealed but now it wipes up super easy. I went with a satin finish, a little bit shiny but it will dull in time.

Clean:  Easy clean up.. just vacuum and the wet Swiffer mop has me leaving with no complaints!

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Here’s the final look! I still have to clean up some paint but with all the questions from Instagram, I knew I had to finish this blog ASAP!!! Check out my Instagram Highlights under Painted Floors for more behind the scene 

Thanks so much for stopping by .. let me know if you paint your floors I’d love to see it!

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  1. hey oooh I don’t want to be the one that says yes. I haven’t tried. we also live in a rental but planning on removing all old floors due to bad pipes. but I know mine held up awesome so far

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