How I maximized my small space with organizing

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It seems after New Years I always say “this is the year I am going to be organized” and it never happens.. well guess what? This year has just started and I already organized three zones in our small space, my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom aaaaand it feels so good! In this blog I’m going to show you how I organized each zone. Small spaces can be tricky but if you do it right it will keep your house efficient on a daily. I’m loving twenty eighteen already because of it, trust me you’ll want to organize now too ♥ I’m going to show you just how easy it was to maximize every inch of space with organization and the best part about this is it was a one stop shop with HomeGoods. They have everything I needed Plus (that’s why I added in the bedroom! woot woot) 

⇒ I teamed up with 12 other awesome interior bloggers and of course Homegoods for this project. I linked all the other designers organization blogs at the end.

Organizing the Kitchen

 I have a tiny kitchen.. I used to say its RV size and hated it.. turns out now that it’s organized it’s all the space I need and I love it.. now!! Having a “home” for everything is the key, Once you use the can opener or whatever.. put it away and in the same place every time. This goes for every room in the house too.

I was lucky enough to have my Mom here to help me tackle this project. She is the true organizer, I just like to make things looks pretty.. We made a awesome duo on this project! Before we went to HomeGoods Mom had me draw a layout of my kitchen with detailed measurements for each drawer and cabinets so when we are there will wouldn’t have to guess. Don’t get me wrong I did make a trip or 2.. for things we needed and more!

detailed list 

If you follow me on Instagram you might of saw me shopping and organizing live in my stories….. I actually got to met a follower. It was so much fun, she was shy but super sweet.. she gasp’ed when she heard my voice.. then after whipping around the corner she so kindly told me she follows me on Instagram and thinks I’m Rad!!! She then asked how many times I go to HomeGoods… Alot my new friend! ALOT!  if you missed my stories I kept it in my highlights!

My Mom snapped a pic of my new friends at Homegoods! super fun!!!!

Back at home..

We started by emptying out the drawers then wiping them down. HomeGoods has a ton of drawer liners,  I of course picked black, Its a rubber texture so nothing will move around with opening and closing the drawers. It’s always fun to see befores drawers were before. #yikes


Don’t forget about your counter top’s! I found these 3 black canisters with the same rose gold as I have as a accent in the rest of the kitchen .. I keep my bisquick (for pancakes) and cookies in them.. free’s up my cabinets and looks good on the eyes! I also came across this gorgeous black and white stripe marble cheese board. By adding my coffee, french press and flowers I created a vignette that designated the coffee zone!

• Can we talk my flowers super fast because these white freesia’s so gorgeous!!! I’m obsessed, nothings better than receiving a fresh bouquet at my doorstep || they are called HERO from The Bouqs. Co.  grown from a farmer in California and delivered vase in all right to my door. They came in bud form so they will last a few weeks! Whenever I want a stunning fresh bouquet I ALWAYS head over to I don’t know why I don’t have a subscription bc I totally should!

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Organizing the Bathroom 

We have a small house ( did I mention that. hahaa! we have a little over 1,000 sf here) and 5 of us living here, two being teenager crab-apples AND this being our only linen closet ⇒ organization is a must.. I just wish I did this along time ago.. I mean look.. Yikes.. again! refer to the first yikes in the kitchen.  

 We emptied out shelf by shelf until the entire closet was empty.. I then wiped it down and then re painted with a fresh coat of white, built a small shelf in the top shelf for more space and then lined with white drawer liner. Then everything went in nice and easy. I was even able to bring in new baskets for laundry!  For us it’s a total Bonus because it used to be in the garage where the washer and dryer are.. hello out of the way. we used to have piles of dirty laundry in the hall for the next time I go out to the cold (well right now) garage.

I was looking for something clear so we can see what’s inside VS having to pull out a basket every time.  HomeGoods had a ton of clear options for refrigerator and for closets.. these worked perfect and was just what I was looking for.

I happen to come across 2 bamboo shoe racks at HomeGoods, I wasn’t looking for them but thought it would be perfect for my sheets and one for my shoes in my bedroom closet. It works perfect for my sheets, normally I stack them high and they always fall over.. now they stay yaay!

HG has luxurious towels.. I was folding my old torn towels trying to put them back in this nice clean zone when I realized its time to get new towels.. I was happy to find 8 of bath, hand and face towels all on one trip and still have enough money to come back!

Organizing under the Bed!

Beside emptying out my closet and getting new fancy hangers that my awesome Instagram followers  said I had to have I also completely organize underneath my Cal King bed. I found 4 under bed chests with a clear lid and a zipper to fit the upper section of our bed and 4 smaller for the bottom portion. I drew a layout so you can see what I’m talking about because taking a picture under my bed was really hard!

Thank you so much for stopping by to see how I organized my tiny zone.. I hope this totally inspired you to do organize your space.

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