How I added black and white outside

Hey Girl Hey… (of course and guys too!!!)

I wanted to chat about my love for black and white and show you how I continued to add it to my backyard zone. As simple and basic as black and white is they are pretty bold colors to use.. like inside, a white wall is like, WOW!! A bright ass white wall OR how about full on black wall? A statement for sure just in itself. I simply just have one black wall inside my home ..nothing on it and that’s it just for the statement of ..”Ya, I have a black wall.’  A few years ago, after realizing how boring beige was, I quickly went right back to white walls and will never looked back. I love the pop it makes when I add color to it, even if its a black frame.. The contrast gets me every time. So let me show you what I did to bring the contrasting colors outside.


Pinterest Inspiration


When it came to designing my backyard I wanted to continue the color story I already had going on inside. I of course jumped on Pinterest for inspiration and found one image that stuck.

I know its simple, but that’s me.. a black and white rug that I already had.. or even better Target has a outdoor one. White drapes I already had and use out there.. all I needed was greenery and that was a problem because I don’t have a green thumb. Yikes!

Because I don’t have a green thumb, I can’t keep anything green alive for very long. I try, I really do, but that only leads to over loving, then under loving seems to follow. I just have to find that balance, but mainly patience with plants. Everyone is different, it’s like humans.. so complicated, can’t everyone just be chill, like all the time? I just don’t get it, but I will, soon I swear! So check out what I did.








where it all started

My black and white came in play when I found this 4 pc outdoor set from Safavieh 

As a new ambassador for them of course I went this route , and to be official it’s called the FIGUEROA 4PC OUTDOOR SET- PAT2508D 

I’m obsessed on how much they make a statement and its just black and white stripes.


you can get the same look as the Pinterest pic. by getting this striped rug from Target.. not sponsored, just love it!


Target Outdoor rug

Started from the bottom now we’re here

When designing any room, indoors or out, I start from the ground and work my way up. So let’s start with rugs. I scored this jute rug at my local Goodwill for 16 bucks, not bad for a 5×8. I wanted to add in green, so why not in a faux turf lawn cut as a area run? Genius!! It has texture and it was the green I was looking for. The Home Depot sells them in pre-cut rolls for under $200. Its lined with rubber under.. I was thinking of getting one for the trailer too!

Layering rugs and furniture placement.. I’ll be showing you a few ways.

This set comes with a coffee table, but I already had a one so I thought it would be fun to show you all the ways I’ve dressed up this zone.

Side table action

The next layer I added the rugs and placed the furniture. I started to bring in some side tables and more plants.


I added in drapes to soften the harsh edges and bring shade on warm days. The rod is a outdoor rod, that just means its easier to take on and off. I also added black 20″ weather resistant outdoor pillows from The Futon Shop. By far the best pillows I had for outside, they don’t feel like outdoor pillows, ya know kinda hard? I chose black.

Are you a gold member?

I used a pop of gold to brighten things up. I love touches of gold and silver in pretty much all my designs.. I used it in some of the planters, candle holders, hanging lanterns and watering can. Always in odd numbers!

 The center piece was designed by the talented Marysu @cassia.foret


There you have the complete look layer by layer, now for shits n giggles let’s add in some pink!

let’s change things up

I changed out the coffee table to the one I already had, the one I found FREE in a alley and I painted pink! Let’s dress it up!

pure zen

You might notice the gold singing bowl I picked up from Maybe On Monday. Have you ever had the experience of standing in one? If you’re local to Monterey you must head over to Maybe on Monday.. People come in just to stand in it while Ryan strikes the bowl.. Vibrations rush though your body and it brings you to a scene of calm. Its amazing, I was grateful I could use the bowl for awhile to experience it on my own in the comfort of my own zone.

Here’s a little bit of what I googled about the singing bowl..

 Tibetan Singing Bowls – The ancient brain entertainment methodology for healing and meditation. Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseases and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

Add in that Green

Finally added in all the green to feel the vibe I was going for. I found these amazing white textured planters at Homegoods.


This asparagus fern is still alive and kickin.. I just leaved him right there and I water him when I remember. I just realized I never named him.. I really like this type of relationship I’ve already created #goals for my next plants moving forward!

Now lets talk the Boston Ferns.

Earl and Beryl, or as I call them (((plug your ears or skip this next line if you can’t handle)))  ⇒ {{{{ f u c k e r s }}} I swear they are sensitive Sally’s, that’s what I should of named them. They are like half way alive as of right now.. They hate me!

Confession if you already couldn’t tell this fiddle fig is from Pottery Barn on clearance plus my discount from when I used to work there. I think it’s really a indoor plant, but 1. I don’t care 2. I just wanted the green of it and 3. I don’t care! Ha! I just like to do what feles good, not what’s right!

flower power

      and now we get fancy again with gorgeous flowers from Marysu, hair and makeup by Tiffany Garrett and this pic taken by Rachel Zee 

set the mood with lighting

I started out my lining the entire overhang with outdoor string lights. I added in a pendant light over the coffee table and of course candles. Lighting totally sets the mood. Depending of the time of evening is when I put what light on. Solar lanterns are awesome, but also battery operated lanterns powered by a remote is pretty bad ass too!!

My neon heart is from my favorite ever Brite Lite TribeThey are just amazing as a company, always growing and keeping with what’s hot now. They offer custom neon signs, letter light boxes, you can even get super fun emoji’s for the box and so much more.. like different little light up ice creams.. must check them out!!!  

time to chill

Do you meditate? I do and love it. I created a zen place tucked back in the corner of my yard to chill, meditate, hang out with the my husband, girlfriends, kids or the dog..  sometimes I take a book and read it out there, but mostly I medicate. Before I step onto my mat I place my suitcase of all my thoughts (negative mainly) right outside of the mat.. so once I’m on the mat it’s just me and my and the positive energy I bring. Almost never do I pick that suitcase back up.

let me show you the simple layers it took me to create this zone.. 

clean it up

I first started out by clearing the space of all weeds and hard rocks .. thanks to my babe husband and his handy electric weed wacker!

Let me give you the skinny on these mats..
The Futon Shop custom makes these Shiatsu massage mats in San Francisco using untreated cotton batting and hand sewn covers. With layers of natural cotton, the shiatsu mats are thick enough to provide a ton of cushioning while light enough to move around, Perfect for both body work, camping trips and even as a quick solution to roll out for an overnight guest.

for all my Californians check out The Futon Shop in San Jose 

I layered every rug I had.. then placed the mats on top. Look how it came, so compact and easy to move out here. I just unrolled it like a tootsie roll, super easy! 

I added in battery operated twinkle lights above, solar lanterns, some potted plants. A black and white blanket and some pillows for comfort!


I had the pleasure of working with an amazing photographer Rachel Zee, As soon as she came in I knew she was going to be awesome and she was.. these fun pics of myself and my sister in law Tiffany (who also is a master hair and make up artist at Shag in Gilroy, Ca.

When your bestie becomes your sister in law

and she a master hair & make up artist ..bonus! This is us #TNT minus the N


so, spill..

how do you like it? stripes or pink coffee table? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tamara Lee