Easy Halloween Mantel

This year I decorated my Halloween mantle super easy and cheap! I got most everything from the dollar store or the dollar tree like the cheesecloth and candles, the magazines I just collected over time. The candles are battery operated and flicker like real ones.. super awesome! We also pack them up and take them on our camping trips! I love things I can use in more than one way!

List of Things

Black cheesecloth from Dollar Tree

Variety of size battery operated candles from Dollar Tree

Skulls from Dollar Tree

Bats from Party City


The first thing I did was stretched out the black cheesecloth, ripped it and made it look not new.

next, I added my magazines and different heights facing backward.

Skulls next on either end & maybe one in the middle but off to the side a little

add in the candles…

Last I added the bats, just kind of went for it, I taped them up in the way I think they would be flying away out of the fireplace… super spooky!


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