Easy Hairpin legs Bench DIY

Are you ready for one easy DIY? This one comes from my childhood, when I was little at our kitchen table my Mom had two benches for us 4 kids and two chairs at the head of the table. Over time, I took the benches home. I had no room for them but couldn’t see them being sold at a garage sale. I painted one thinking it would make it better but there was something I still hated about it.. well turned out it was the legs! Nothing 4 screws and a new set of legs can’t fix. Let me show you want I did.  Next, I’ll show you what DIY I did with the other bench!.. any guesses? meantime check out what I did here. I leave my Amazon link to the hairpin legs I used for this DIY.

I’m telling you this is the easiest DIY ever.. basically screw the HAIRPIN LEGS to the refurbished or pc of wood, your choice.

jute rug || black and white rug || pyramid chairs || hairpin legs || table || macrame runner || Be a bad ass print || bla print || prick against pink print || prick against pink print instant download || finger print 

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