DIY Peel & Stick Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall with Reclaim Arbor

I am so excited to share with you this reclaimed wood peel & stick DIY. Recently I needed a change in my living room. I’ve grown my gallery wall years for it to become this amazing floor to ceiling gallery that even wrapped around to the next wall over. I absolutely loved it and loved showing off my kids and positive saying from my print shop to everyone who entered our home but I needed change. I wanted to add texture and depth to my space in a new way. My home is more modern so when I first thought of adding in a wood element it seemed wild to me… shiplap in a modern home? isn’t that farmhouse? Mmmm… To me, the fact isn’t if it’s a certain design style, farmhouse sarmhouse, wood it’s an element of nature so adding in a reclaimed wood wall to a modern chic home I would describe it as bringing the outside in or adding an earthy element’s. When I came across Reclaimed Arbor and wish I could scream about them from the rooftops!! So I am, just in a blog form!

I love before and after pictures, here’s my gallery wall before. Change is good and I’m ready to show you how I did it!

When I first thought of this amazing idea of giving up my entire wall gallery and really give my entire space an entirely new look with reclaimed wood paneling I seriously freaked for one second. What am I doing, how is this going to look? Then I picked up the phone and called Reclaim Arbor for more information. I spoke with Michael, he helped me out 110%, very helpful at knowing his product. He not only sent me free samples he gave me that sense of calm by showing me what my wall will look like.

I sent him this sent me back this

That brought the vision alive to want to move forward!

Let’s get started with this super easy DIY

Receiving the panels was easy, they were packaged perfect, leaving no damage.

I ordered this reclaimed wood paneling especially because I knew I could handle it myself. If there I DIY project I can do without having to rely on someone I am all about it.

On top of that Reclaim Arbor is an amazing company! Their story behind what they do is the main reason why I choose them.. they recused wood and turned it into something beautiful. You have a vairity of sizes and colors to choose from to get the look you want. I went with a 5′ whitewash finish.

First sand down the walls, then wipe them clean

After I then placed the boards on the ground before sticking them to the wall to get good placement

making sure the lines didn’t match up from the row before.

Then I started to peel and stick

Row by row until my walls were complete!

If I didn’t like how I placed it, I just took it right off and re-stuck it to the wall

 I created a time-lapse video when I was installing to help show you just how easy it was.


Learn about the Reclaim Arbor project! They take discarded wood that would otherwise be left to decompose and turn them into clean and beautiful reclaimed interior wall paneling that’s easily installed with non-toxic adhesive. And through our “A Tree for Every Box” initiative, they plant a tree back into the environment for every box of paneling that we sell!

For Free samples/ordering Reclaim Arbor 

The story behind Reclaim Arbor⇓


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