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When I think macrame plant hangers I think back in the day when I was young, my mom had them around the house, she even had this macrame owl hanging with beaded eyes. Do you remember those? To tell you the truth I’m not sure they ever went away. Lately I’ve been seeing them all around on Pinterest and a ton of my boho friends have them over on Instagram. So it got me thinking, how can I have these macrame plant hangers in my zone…

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I’m just so obsessed I had to try for myself! I love its coming back in my life and better yet I made my own. I actually made a few different styles, I’m starting you off with the one I had most interest in from all of you. I think it’s because of her gnarly size.. 6′ baby, not to shabby for my first one. Go big or go home, right?! Ha! The designs are endless.. below I show you how I created mine, feel free to improvise to whatever color and size that fits you and your home.

what you’ll need



 rings to hang (wooden or metal like I used)

macrame cord

beads (optional)

brass plant pot

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12 easy steps to create a macrame plant hanger

  • start by deciding how long you want your plant hanger to be
  • cut 6 pieces the same length, the cords will become shorter when you tie all the knots, make sure to cut enough if you wanted a long tail (for my huge one I measured out 7′ 6″ per piece)
  • feed the cord though the ring until its even on both sides, fold in half and tape down.
  • cut a piece of cord 24″ long for your wrap knot
  • create a wrap knot at the top of your hanger to secure and hold the entire thing together (I wrapped mine around about 15 times)
  • next you want to separate your cords in THREE groups of FOUR
  • take one group at a time and begin to square knot them, I continued the knot 10 times down
  • then take that same square knot and began it again just further down so it was ‘floating’
  • layout all your cords again
  • knot all the outer cords together to create your hanger, 3 knots total
  • place your plant in, to get the height you wanted
  • tie a huge ass knot at the bottom so it stays and you are done!


Instead of using the traditional macrame cord or jute cord I used black to stay true to my modern style.

The super cool thing is nowadays there are a ton of colors to choose from like pink, blue, yellow you name it they have it, even down to the cord thickness. I get a ton of my inspiration from Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t? I created a macrame everything board to start gathering ideas of what I wanted to do. I love everything, it all seems to give me total inspiration.. what always ends up happening is I take a little inspiration from there then I hit up my DIY friend over on YOUTUBE to get the real skinny of how to create something.. especially if I have no clue what I’m doing.

macrame plant hanger


◊ To make this all super easy, if you don’t know the knots, I asked my awesome friend Rachel with Living to DIY if I could share her YOUTUBE tutorial to break it down for you better, she of course said yes! She shows you how to make the wrap knot and the square knot. In her video she is making it for a pumpkin holder, you can add a plant or whatever you wanted.


Thank you for stopping by my zone.. leave me a comment letting me know if you want more of these macrame DIY’s, I made a few more different designs that were super easy that I’d love to share.


Super Bonus*

I came across a picture of me on my dad’s shoulders with 3 macrame plant hangers behind us. 


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