Decorating for Halloween

When shopping for Halloween, I shop at one place and one place only HomeGoods!

This year my main focus is my kitchen & dining area, I wanted to bring Halloween love in the place I entertain most in.

Homegoods never lets down, check out their in-store selection, in this blog, I’ll show you what I look out for while shopping. It’s never a list, more like a general metal knowingness must have’s.

Back at home…

Skulls, bone salad tossers, tiny mice, plates with skulls, more skulls, and plenty of pumpkins in all shapes, textures, and sizes.

Keeping with my black and white theme adding pops of Halloween was super easy. Since Homegoods is like a modern-day thrift store, you’re basically thrifting for new things.

Every store is different, every aisle is different and each day is different with new finds. I thought it would be fun to share what I look for when shopping HomeGoods!

Black and White Pottery

These black and white mugs took a few trips to make a set, but each time I went back I was able to add to my collection, the prints aren’t the same, but I like that. It’s all the same maker, The Old Pottery Company, so close enough.

Every holiday I think its fun to collect a mug of the season, this year for Halloween I found a ouija board mug, I thought it was fun, however, my husband did not! YIKES!!!

The planter was also an amazing find in the garden section. My eye spotted the black and white and knew, either way, I had to at least add it to my cart. As I mentioned in my last HomeGoods blog How to Decorate Fall Decor Items in More Than One Way

“My tip for when you shop HomeGoods is I always add to my cart, just in case, at the end go through your cart and prioritize what you need the most then delete what you don’t.”

Skulls, Bones, Snakes & Mice

Notice the skull plate? I have a stack of white plates so adding just one plate propped up was just enough. At the end of the month, I will add it to the bottom of my plate stack.

I keep some skulls out year around, not as many, so if a skull plate pops up it’s like a surprise!

During the season I like to add skulls to my collection, I found a few glitters, one with a succulent and of course gold skulls to add in this year! I also found a little metal mouse and skeleton salad tossers.

Can we talk about HomeGoods pumpkin patch for a minute? I legit ever want to leave that aisle. It has basically a pumpkin for everyone… I found a geometric one and black & white one I had to have!

Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards

Natural elements like wood are absolutely gorgeous in an otherwise all black and white environment.

I always have my eye out for wood cutting boards and bowls to stack. HomeGoods always has some sort of wood aisle I always have to cruz down with tons of shapes and size cutting boards. Over time I’ve picked up the few I have now, I’ve found a black and white marle one, holla! I love the collection I started! Finally, I found this cocktail plate with a skull, perfect pop of spooky.


Halloween Centerpiece

By simply adding a skull wrapped in a plastic snake we’ve created quite a spooky centerpiece

Thank you for stopping by… leave me a comment below if you decorate for Holloween.



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