Deck the Halls with DIY paper snowflakes

This year I wanted to include the hallway in my decorating, It’s a small narrow zone that leads to all of our rooms. I like to keep it super simple. I thought it would be super fun to DIY Snowflakes to jazz up space. Between Brenna and I, we made 25 snowflakes. It’s so fun because each one is very different, we could not get two alike and that’s ok with us! After many tries, we found an easy way to fold and make a snowflake and so we wanted to share our process so you can get the same look.


9 x12 white paper /Drawing Pad




red and white string

This is a super simple DIY All you really have to do is follow the way I fold the paper and cut the paper. You can’t really go wrong when making a snowflake, everyone is different and unique. you can also make a variety of sizes too, that would be fun.

start with one piece of white paper, this one is a 9 x12 fold over so the edges line upcut off the excessnow you have a square, open it up flat ( the triangle is the paper after I cut it)  fold the paper in half take one corner and fold in half, the top won’t be even, that’s takegrab the other corner and repeat now one more time so it looks like an ice cream cone, kindacut off the excess, straight acrossnow is the fun part, you can either draw what you want or just go for it like me. time to open it up and see what you madeTaDa! ooh so fancy!!! I now added on my string, I just went through a hole that was there.time to iron all the wrinkles outBAM whaaaaat! now it’s time to hang up! of course, after you make 25 like me!

Deck the Halls

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