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I had the honor to guest blog for Homegoods, you can also find this at,  Happy By Deisgn Blog!

Do you have boring blank walls because you just don’t know where to start? That’s how I felt when I moved in, I than began to think of it like a blank canvas to create whatever I wanted. Turns out that’s nothing but endless possibilities. Over a few years it grew and grew, now it’s huge, like floor to ceiling and wraps around to the next wall over, huge. I knew I wanted to create a gallery wall that not only shows off my family pictures, but features positive quotes and funny saying too. I used a ton of different frames, I mixed in canvas, a neon light and letter lite box to top off my signature personality. I also added in little shelves to display plants, candles and fun little objects.

There’s a few ways you can start off, you can begin with the biggest/ boldest piece for the eye to focus on then have the other art work scatter from there.. or start off with a grouping of 3 or a grid of 4, keep it simple and keep it eye level to slowly start growing your wall. It helps on not having a crazy looking wall in the process. It can get pretty pricey if you try to do it all at once. For me, shopping at HomeGoods was the best thing for my budget. They have an amazing variety of frames, canvas and accessorizes for my console. I even picked up clearance frames and sprayed them black to match, anyway to save a buck is my kind of shopping. If it’s on sale it’s always way better. Their prices are right on point, but when it’s a sale it’s even better.

Creating a gallery wall is totally a great way to bring in your own personality to show off you! Whether it’s your family, your friends, pictures of places you’ve been to and never want to forget, typography prints with fun quotes or posters you have been saving forever, there’s no wrong in design. Just have fun with it, take the stress out by just doing what you love. If it feels right to you then do it! Isn’t that the way everything in life should be?

Frames: When picking out frames try using a variety of sizes & mixing different frames like wood and metal, glass and even mirror frames in all shapes and sizes for interest.

Canvas: Using canvas’ are not only fun, but easy, let’s face it there’s no printing out pictures, you just hang it up. I suggest not using too many.

Clipboards: are a awesome way to show off kids art work. I have a few on my wall and love them, they are also a easy way to hang a print, and super easy to change them out to something new and they come in different sizes.

Shelves: are awesome way to show off your favorite things, you can find them in all colors and sizes. I have little wood and copper shelves that hold one small thing, I stacked them on top of each other. I also love the look of a long shelf with a bunch of frames leaning on the wall. There’s so many fun options.

 Have fun when growing your gallery wall and remember it takes time. Stick with a theme and don’t stress about.

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Tamara Lee

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