Brenna’s New Beddy’s Bedding

Hey girl heyyyyyy

A few weeks ago my Mom and I went to a community yard sale down the hill from my house, we saw the signs for weeks but somehow still made it an hour early … like nobody was out, well that’s not true the early birds were out and about all crusty eyed walkin the dogs. So we decided to drive around and plan out what route we wanted to do considering it’s kinda too big to walk.. especially if we found anything. So there we were bombing it around in mom’s Chevy, hats down low and sunny’s on even though it’s a foggy cold ass morning… sippin our morning Joe aka grande iced vanilla latte and Moms venti chi, extra hot, no water.. and by sipping I mean slamming it down.. ok soooo where was I going with this? oh yes there we were all early and we pass by a house the lady was leaning a pink tufted headboard up on a tree.. I was like Oooooh Mah Gawd I can’t even.. like I felt like the 90’s Mervyn’s commercials with my nose pressed against the window saying open open open open. We kept driving a block down when some vet garage sale pro waved us down to sneak a early peek.. Mom was all over it digging though her terracotta pots.. I was like in a zone and I couldn’t let that headboard slip though my fingers.. I needed it and didn’t even know it so I said “Ma I’ll be back!” and chucked myself up the street..once I got there and after I caught my breath I was all nice and acted like I didn’t care.. going though crap I didn’t need and then turned and flipped my hair like Cher and was like “Cool headboard, How much?”  she replied with a eh 20 bucks!!! TWENTY DOLLA’S  I may of rolled around on her fake lawn a tiny bit after realizing it wasn’t just a headboard it was an entire upholstered bed! This is what we call a Score!!! I called Mom over and loaded her up!!! That day was a good day!!! With that came a room make over of course..

It took me all of 2 minutes to empty out her room to get this bad boy in… and when I say 2 minutes I mean 2 hours but who’s counting? I was excited!

This is what her room looked like before and I’m happy to say never again haha!

kids girls room beofre
now this is about as real life as you get…

I came across a company called Beddy’s They offer high quality bedding that zips up on both sides to help making the bed easier. It’s a nice clean look that I couldn’t say No to plus they have my colors.. black and white this one is called “Dash”

 Beddy is all the bedding you need for your bed in ONE piece.  Its a fitted sheet, flat sheet, cuddle blanket and quilt all in one! Plus two standard pillow cases. There is no reason the bed can’t be made every single morning.. it’s too easy not to.. fold it up and zip! How awesome is that? 

The Beddy slips on just like a fitted sheet and it’s super easy you just have to tuck it under and BAM! Done!

They offers deep pockets sides that fits pillow top mattress up to 15″

There is a zipper on either side of the bed that zips all the way down. The turquoise easy pull zipper tag makes it super easy to zip. 

The cuddle blanket is just that.. snuggling soft you just cuddle with it. Ever since we put this on Brenna’s bed she has slept in her bed all night long!!! ALL NIGHT! For us this is huge! My husband seems to think it’s because she’s so snug she feels safe and comfortable she sleeps the night away.. I can’t agree anymore.

Dash also come with 2 standard size shams. One of each design (the top and inside) I’m not made at it!!

For a fun pop I decided to go with the pillow set “Buy Meow”  I feel in love the fun whimsical cat and of course the yellow to continue the color story I have going throughout  my house. Beddy offers blankets, bed skirts pillows sets and sooo much more, I actually got Brenna a bed skirt I ordered it before I knew I was going to find the pink upholstered bed. It actually worked out perfect because I was able to tuck the skirt in and it hides the box spring mattress perfectly!


She LOVES her new bedding!!! She has so much positive energy.. I’m sure it’s because she is getting a good nights rest.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out Brenna’s new zone! We love her bedding so much we can’t wait till the trailer is done so we can get a few more for there too! Beddy’s isn’t just for kids.. they make Beddy’s for everyone even for collage students, seniors and yes even RV’s and trailers.

To shop Beddy’s head here →


Tamara Lee

♥ This post was sponsored by Beddy’s