It’s me Tamara Lee

Imma Hippie Momma with Design Style.

Hey girl heyyyy!

Most days you can find me with my hair in a big ol bun, music on, incense burning and coffee in my hand. I’m super random and unfocused most times.

I have always been obsessed with interior design. When I was 18 I got that fancy piece of paper saying I was an interior designer only to find out that’s not my jam. I then became an accredited staging professional and staged homes for sale and let me tell you that was so much fun. I would design huge empty homes then go into a warehouse to get whatever I wanted.. oh yes, you better believe I pretended each and every house was mine. My family then moved to Monterey for my husbands job. I quickly found myself into visual merchandising for Pottery Barn no less. Setting the entire store sometimes as early as 4AM or sometimes as late as midnight. I had the opportunity to go to Burlingame and help set the store for magazine shoots was Pottery Barn guys I don’t need to explain the awesomeness. I was taught so much during that time. designing on the fly was such a rush.. so much valuable information I learned the 6 years I was there. I’m super grateful for that and the family I gained there. Late last year I made the crazy decision to step out on my own.. a pink sofa a bunch of crazy ass pillows, a ton of webinars, classes and how to’s later, here I am!