7 Organizing Tips for your Dorm Room & Shopping Guide with Simon SAID

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Are you heading off to college and more worried about your dorm room looking cute than your classes? No judging here, I hear ya..  that just means you’re in the right class. My name is Mrs Beltran, you can call me Tamara or @tlee79 and this is ‘Decorating your dorm room 101’ in this class we are going to learn 7 organizing tips for your dorm room, and when I say classroom I mean blog room! Here I supply you with a shopping list of all the product I found shopping online with Simon Said to each amazing tip I offer AND 5 Free printable for your new space! You can also find this blog on Simon Said’s blog

The class is now in session kids and we are starting in the bedroom. By keeping your room decluttered you can fit as much as 2 full-size beds, 2 nightstands and either a double wide dresser OR 2 desks. Let me show you what I did here.

Simon SAID shopping links from target.com and anthropology.com

sheet sets || blanket || duvet insert || duvet cover || light pink quilt || peach duvet cover 

This bedding conversation isn’t over yet, now we are talking about bundle and saving. I have 4 bundles that aren’t only super cute and stylish they have you saving!

This Simon bundle and save shopping trip at Kohls.com || PB Dorm ||  urbanoutfitters.com

pink bundle || purple flower || flower power || white insert bundle

Pillow talk .. it’s a must!

Shopping with Simon at Target.com || urban outfitters.com

Fringe pillow || Run DMC || B/W Lumbar || Wink Wink | Pink round


Let’s face it you’re going to have homework and plenty of it.. so why not make your study zone super cute and functional. When you are picking out the right desk, to help keep your new dorm room organized think of getting something that has more than one purpose… a desk that maybe doubles as a kitchen table maybe or a side table that you can use for a entry when when not using as a desk. Let me show you some awesome twofers that would work it just fine in your work zone that I found while shopping at Simon

 Simon SAID || Target.com || urbanoutfitters.com

White Desk || Folding Desk || If you know never try you’ll never know Print || You Do You Print

floating shelf || wall grid || over the door organizer || vertical shelf || tapestry || wall pouch || eye jewelry holder || good vibes only

Take a seat || seating can go two ways, one you can have a comfortable and stylish and two it can be stylish and stackable. One way is dual purpose storage bench. Store all of your extra blankets, pillows or your dirty laundry of my favorite ways is floor pillows, thats worth a try for your guest.. maybe the ones you don’t really know since it’s not everyone’s first choice (minis us yogi’s LOL)

Wall Space || Wall space is your space too so why not make it personal and functional? Using items to keep you organized and in more than one is what we are going for.

Simon Said seating || crateandbarrel.com || target.com || Wall Space urbanoutfitters.com

gold legs || pink stacking chairs || white fur swivel || storage bench || yellow stools || pink floor pillow

eye hook || wall shelf || leaning mirror || wall pouch 

Table Talk || these tables are all dual purpose, the tv tray can be used for eating in front of the tv or a nightstand.. same with the C table, you can tuck it under your bedsit comfortable while eating or working on your MacBook || a table on wheels that folds is like a space saver all all time. use it for dining, studying, roll it into the kitchen use it for extra counter space, an island, or last and my favorite a bar! When all said and done fold it away or continue using it as you were..

Keeping it clean in the kitchen || organizing your kitchen with just things needed are your best way to go. shelves, mini fridge, microwave and of course coffee all held together in cute wire baskets.


 Simon SAID || target.com || urbanoutfitters.com

TV tray || C table || folding table ||  Mini fridge || cubby || microwave || Coffee maker || basket

My last organizing tip is to keep it clean! Once you find a good spot for something call it home for it. Every time you use something if you put it back every time you’ll always know where it’s at and you can keep super clean that way.


 Simon SAID and urbanoutfitters.com

over the door organizer || clothes rack || shoe rack || baskets

Because times are tuff, the last piece of advice I have or youares to never complain on something free.. if something is FREE to take it and figure it out later or in this case frame it! I have Five super cool/retro prints from my little Etsy print shop. all you have to do is save these next images, print them out and frame them.

Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you find all my Simon SAID organizing and shopping tips helpful for your first year of dorm living. I would love to see what you do, follow me on Instagram @tlee79 and use the hashtag #tleelookatme so I can see how you designed your first space that’s actually YOURS! Remember there’s no wrong in design, as long as it speaks to you, makes you feel comfortable and at home thats all that matters


Tamara Lee