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Hey Girl Hey.

You can only imagine my reaction when Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine emailed me asking if I wanted to be apart of their next issue featuring amazing women in home design. My heart was filled and still is. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity to be a published designer. And if you were wondering, yes, I screamed and jumped up and down, like a lot!!

♥ I love this picture for many reasons, one being I looked relaxed having Boss right there with me and it’s also because my oldest daughter Gillian, who’s 16, took it! She’s in her junior year of high school, in her 3rd year of photography, and can now say she is a published photographer! I’m so proud of her!

photographer: Gillian Starkweather

For those who weren’t able to grab a copy, even though they are still on stands and in stores now, this is the cover. Take a sweet little gander at the bottom right hand corner will ya, yup, that’s Frenchie.. WOWZA!!!! If you flip the magazine around its the other half of it featuring food, that’s not only scrumptious, but awesome to look at food and recipe ideas, skin care and soooo much more goodness, it’s the Ultimate Wellness Guide,I mean come on, what more do you need?

page 38 ( my daughters name is at the bottom, Gillian Starkweather!)
page 39

Most of these pictures were taken by my good friend Dani with DF photographyShe’s just amazing to work with. 

My full interview with Mantra Yoga + Heath Magazine


  •  What is something that has made a huge difference in years self-care routine?

I’d have to totally Self Love is first and for most and drinking a ton of water and lots of sleep.

  •  What is some of the best advice you have ever received?

The best advise that I ever received has to be “You Do You” staying true to who you are and what you believe in is something I’m proud to say I am and I do. I’m different, my voice is different, my house is different, my designs are different I mean I rock a pink sofa and that’s OK! different is good, I see it as being free to who I am. Why be the same when being different is so much better. if I feel it, I attract it then it comes. that’s when my happiness shines on

  •  What is something that you wish you would’ve known when you were 20?

Oooh man good question.. there’s so much I wish I knew. Once I hit thirty I had so many Aha moments. I would say live it up in your 20’s, there’s no rush to settle down. take your twenties to discover yourself, be free, travel and experience.

  •  What does living a conscious life mean to you?

Having a mindful & conscious life is huge otherwise I feel as if i were to just drift though life.. maybe somebody else’s and not your own. Being conscious of what I want done, who I want to attract in my life or business, for example, is something I totally have to think about and be aware of daily otherwise as the unfocused person I am I will drift.

  • How do you create a sacred space at home and work? What inspires you?

There’s a magic map that I’ve been using for years.. you may know it, it’s called The Bagua Map AKA Feng Shui Bagua. Start at the entrance of your home and work the areas you need, I swear by it! Its as simple as adding in a specific element or color to attract. Try adding in a pop of pink, red or white to the Southwest corner of your home using a square earth element and see your love, relationships and self- esteem improve. You’re welcome.

So many things inspire me. Timbers and textiles are super inspiring, also color, if I see a color I can design an entire room around it. If the option was everything I would check that box.

  •  What is essential to creating a personal sanctuary?

What I find is essential when creating a Zen Zone is first starting off with a clean space. I suggest using calming hues like grey tones, nothing to vivid to the eye. I would use smooth and straight lines for furniture keeping the space open and defiantly try avoid clutter in the room. Personalize it by focusing on how you want the space to feel. using natural elements ..think earth wind, water and fire..Earth for grounding, The Fire element (such as a candle) represents passion & energy And water in the Fung Shui element represents Harmony, Prosperity, balance and growth. Using these elements and your Bagua Map you will find the balance you need for your sanctuary.

  • How do you stay centered in the middle of chaos.

Oh and trust me there is chaos everywhere you go. Its all about focus. Staying focused is better said then done, I struggle with it big time but its as easy as tuning out what you don’t need. Stay away from negative energy.. it too heavy. I love music, its like medicine to me.. I put on earbuds and handle it!!

Featured pictures from DF Photography


 photo shoot with Gillian

→outtakes of me←


It’s always super weird for me having a photographer all up in my face. I get to overwhelmed with it all I guess.. I start laughing, crinkle my nose, and make crazy faces. I’m so un-photogenic its not even funny! Having Gillian here made me feel so comfortable.

photo: Gillian Starkweather
This featured picture was also taken by Gillian


→Mantra Yoga + Health Fans←

Once the magazine was out in stores of course I blasted it all over my InstagramIG stories, and Facebook page. After a day or 2 went by and I started receiving pictures and videos of everyone going down and buying their copies. I was so grateful for this turnout I totally cried, like the ugly cry.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, Thank you for being so AWESOME and supporting me along the way!! 



Tamara Lee

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