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What’s up Spring!?! I absolutely love this time of year, the days are longer and the weather is warmer. It’s a perfect time to lighten up your bedroom.. strip off those flannel sheets from winter and start fresh. I just picked up all new bedding so its a perfect time to show you how you can layer your bed like a pro.

Having years experience in visual merchandising, and product styling for shoots, I’ve learned some awesome tips straight from the pros along the way. I can totally say I make one mean bed. I don’t mess around or skip a beat when it comes to layering up that bad boy! shooooot, who’s the pro now!? that’d be me!!!! I’ve come a long way baby!!!  ooh the good ol’ days having to make 4 to 5  full size beds at  4AM, a tiny part of me misses that rush of designing on the fly like that.

One trick we used in store that nobody knows is we use TWO duvet inserts so its FLUFFY as all hell. So when you get home and see it’s all flat, that’s not wrong, its called normal. I mean come on!

You can imagine how many times I get asked how to layer a bed BUT my most popular question I always get is.. “How do I put on a duvet cover? or ” how do I stuff my duvet?” or my favorite “how do I Install my duvet?” So I’m finally showing you how!


You know I love going shopping, I mean who doesn’t? I always start out at HomeGoods but this time it was the only place I needed to go, they had everything I was looking for ♥ reason 859 on why I love them so much!♥


Let’s get started.. here’s the ropes on layering that bed like you always wanted…

⇒How to layer your bed like a pro⇐

→fitted sheet

 →flat sheet

       →knitted blanket


                                              →duvet (see below on how to put one on)

          → shams or euro’s

                    →pillows (sleeping ones)

     →throw pillows

     →throw blanket

layer your bed like a pro

 That throw blanket though! I love shopping HomeGoods because when I go down the throw blanket aisle they always have them hanging so nice pretty AND they are color coordinated, that gets me every time!!

throw pillow

Have you ever screamed in a store? like out loud because you found a cute little pillow with fringe that matches the throw blanket you just put in your cart? ya, that happened.

How about this little marble side table, I mean perfect riiight? Perfect for me here, my nightstand always seems to fill up sooooo maybe I’ll call this the over flow for my right now’s.. more is more in here!

I’m always burning candles, this months flavor is grapefruit cilantro and it’s scrumptious!

grapefruit cilantro

I brought in these striped pillows from the sofa.. I’m loving the pattern play.

Now, for everyone who has ever asked me how to stuff their duvet this is for you..

⇒How to put on a duvet cover⇐


→start by laying the duvet insert flat on the bed

how to duvet

→turn the duvet cover inside out and place it on top of the duvet insert

how to install a duvet

→from the opening reach inside to the top and grab the top corners and start turning the duvet right side out.. try not to let go of the corners and shake it down until its completely turned around.

→button the duvet closed  

→some duvet inserts don’t have a loops so you need to use a safety pins & some duvet inserts have loops and ribbons to tie,

basically the key is turning your duvet inside out AND to keep your insert in the duvet correct is by pinning or tie the corners anyway that makes it stay.. if you have a king/cal king look for a place to tie in the middle too.

To finish off your bed give it a pop with some throw blankets and pillows!!!


Thank you for stopping by my zone.. leave me a comment telling me what you like most or what you’d like to see next? Are you lighting up your room for spring?


Tamara Lee

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  1. Hey girl hey!!!! 😉 I loved this!!!! Lady I’m going to be so happy when I try this the “pro” way… 😘

  2. Ugh! Sweetie! This looks amazing!!! I gotta learn to layer, that’s my problem! I’m so glad you posted this! Maybe I’ll head to home goods tonight!

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