Easy Decorating for Valentine’s Day using Pops of Pink & Red

Easy Decorating for Valentine’s Day using Pops of Pink & Red!♥

Hey Girl Hey,

Its all about decorating for Valentine’s Day this weekend, adding in little pops of pink and red here and there, nothing to crazy! You know I  LOVE me some pink I actually Popped in red and I love it!! I know some of you even decorate a few days before so this is perfect.. I’m showing you how to add little pops to make a statement.. Ya know it shows you care for all the flowers, dinner and gift’s you’ll be getting..

Hell it may even remind his ass if you do it early enough. And No the 15th doesn’t count because it’s on super sale at frickin Walgreen or whatever, get it right, get it tight its the 14th.

Sometimes ladies we need to take matters into our own hands to set the mood ourselves. The one and only way I know how to set the mood is with music. Not to fret, I’ve totally hooked you up with a LOVE JAMS playlist..

I mean you’re welcome (hair flip) just kidding my hair is always in a dirty ass bun! || anyways, If you have a smart TV download Spotify and play off there like me or however you play your music at home. press play & enjoy!

           Set the mood with LOVE JAMS


This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday so why not start it off before work with a coffee station? How sweet and super simple, I mean you’re making coffee anyways right? So just put it in cute mugs, even like these His and Her’s. I don’t know about you but I have a cabinet full of cute mugs, Homegoods baby! They have the best selection.. I do also collect them from all around.

coffee, his and hers, valentines day

coffee, his and hers, valentines day


valentines day, gallery wall, homegodds

If you read my last roundup post 5 MUST-HAVES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY then you saw my FREE printable I gave you.. adding in some LOVE to the gallery is always fun. I basically just mixed it up by moving everyone around, I switched up the prints from my shop too, like ‘I Love the Shiiit Outta You’ It’s a fun saying I always tell my husband, So I thought it was perfect to put it up front and center.

Gold lips and eye lashes… I mean super love muffin..right? And of course my neon heart light that I have normally plugged it 24-7.. it’s just super hard to take a picture of it On.. any suggestions let me know!

valentines day, gallery wall

♥CHARLIE♥leopard, pink, coffee table, fur,

pink and leopard, yes please!

pink, wall gallery

                           Frenchie always has to make an appearance in front of the wall. She’s kind of a big deal you guys!

pink sofa, gallery wall, valentines day

pink sofa, gallery wall, neon light

                                                     Meet Phoebe Buffay our fish  ..oh and I got that neon light looking fly.. Well I’m trying♥
pink, fish, phoebe, valentines day

gallery wall, valentines day

♥DINING ROOM♥RED HEART, VALENTINES DAYRED,dining room, valentines day, pink

Next zone, I added a pinch of LOVE the dining room using red I just found these cute heart and I LOVE YOU banners that came in a pack of two so 4 tacks later and my love for you I blasted all over my wall! XXOXOXO


dining room, pink chairs, pink, black, valentines day

Wave your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care because I made this banner.. YUP! I strung pink paper doilies all in a row! Ta Da! Some days I just amaze myself.

dining room, pink chairs, valentines day

letter box, neon, dining room,

♥BEDROOM♥pink, inspiration, bedding, valentines day

pink, bedding, valentines day

bedding, master bedroom, pink, grey, valentines day

I kept our room simple bu only adding in another pink heart banner and some new pillows!


 ♥NETFLIX AND FRIENDS♥                netflix, mantel, tv, fireplace, Valentine's dayfriends, netflix, tv, mantel, valentines day

  Around here it’s ‘Netflix and Friends’  No matter what this is how we end our night.. Valentine’s day is no exception!


♥ note I am not a affiliate for any of these companies (yet!) I will always let you know when they are. I get asked where everything is from all the time so here’s a perfect way to share! They either are the links or the closet thing I could find.

 Pink sofa/futon (Frenchie) click here

Grey sofa/futon (Charlie) click here

Leopard Pillows click here 

Cat Pillow click here

Smiley Emoji Pillow click here 

Unicorn Pillow (Unis) click here

Dining room Chairs click here

Oh Dining room chairs click here 

what I used to make them pink click here

Neon Heart click here

Letter box click here

♥Our Little LOVE Story ♥

Tamara lee dennis lee
Leah Lund Photography

Wow,  it seems crazy that this was almost 8 years ago, I want to get personal for a hot second and share a special Love story of mine with you.. since were all mushie around this holiday might as well…

It was on Valentine’s Day 2009, my then boyfriend Dennis Lee Beltran III and I hit the road to what I thought was the typical day at the beach in Monterey, shopping the town, eating fried calamari and drinking all the local beer but Dennis had something else in mind and he wasn’t going to tell me. At the time we lived in Gilroy so about a hour after driving we are in Carmel then southbound into Big Sur we went..

bur sur, california, bixby

That was the day I learned I hated secrets, oooh I was PISSED! I’m a mapper, I like to know and give direction. I plan, I map, I handle and he drives.. and fast. that’s also why I was pissed.. super car sick on this winding ass road. He saw my grumpyness and instead of turning around (like he later said he wanted to do) he slowed his roll, turned on my kinda music, held my hand and we kept driving for a good hour.

He turns off to this gravel road that leads straight down. We park, he gets out, takes my hand and we almost immediately start walking up a hill, we turn and still go up further I’m like Dude WTF, are we like really working out? I’m huffin and puffin, I swear he was behind me pushing my big ol ass up the hill. Finally we make it to the top.. You guys, the view was to die for ocean view for days.


We just stood there for what it seems like forever and enjoyed the view, it turns out it was the first place we stayed as a couple away a few years earlier.

I was totally lost trying find my words for my grumpiness well I was lost in general thinking how sweet he was bringing me here, we were all alone, this bench was there sooooooo we sat starring at the view and probably made out.

I always look for whales but never see anything.. I turned to see what he was up to and he was down on one knee. Talk about speechless OMG!! Of course I said YES..

On the way home we pretty much planned our wedding, 3 weeks later we got married in a little chapel his parent got married in and it was perfect!!!  It was a rainy Tuesday evening, I had on a long vintage fur I borrowed from a boutique I worked at from time to time and a simple white gown. My then best friend now sister in law Tiffany did my hair and make up.. she was taking pictures before we left, I remember hearing Dennis call her asking if I was still coming. He was a little nervous.. It was a night I’ll never forget! I only have 2 pictures  of that and in both his eyes are red, cute! It reminds me of the movie Talladega Nights. LOL!

We call this our ‘Room with a VIew’ we come back here all the time especially now that we live in Monterey. Sometimes even on Christmas morning. Each time we come he carves the date.. this pic needs to get updated

We still always joke how bitchy I was.. live and learn. I’m now married to my driver, I’m still the mapper and planner. He lets me adventure and be 100% ME. He let’s me create, design and now blog…. in bed ( like now at 10 at night.) He supports me and I support him like best friends do. I love living life with him. I’m truly grateful!!

initials, love story

For our 10 year my dream is to recreate our hippie wedding with more family and friends. I also want to have someone captured some awesome pictures to frame. Basically we want a party to celebrate us .. I have 2 years guys. I’ve dreamed of it for a long ass time now. And yes I have a Pinterest board on that.

Thank you for stopping by.. leave me some LOVE in the comments


Tamara Lee



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    or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I love everything about your blog. The title, the tone, the playfulness. Your personality really comes across in the writing and the subject matter is fun and engaging. Photos are great as well!! 👏👏🖒🖒💥💥💖💖

    1. I’m just me trying to be me and find me at the same time if that makes sense.. I’m new.. but after reading this I feel like Im on the right track! thank you~!

  3. Gorgeous!! Some many wonderful ideas. I’m not sure what I love the most. I do see some items I’m going to check out. Like the pillows. Love the couch. The printable and the wall is fantastic!

  4. I am so impressed with your words and display of each room. I am enthralled at the clean and perfect beauty you create. I hadn’t heard your love story before, so that was awesome. So great to see your love and your refreshing designs because of your freedom in love.
    Thank you for sharing your heart for your art – and your man!

    1. I’m all about sharing.. sharing is caring right (not him LOL) thank you so much for coming to my zone and leaving me such sweet words of …well encouragement. I appreciate that!! xoxo

  5. OMG you’re too much!!!! hahaha
    Loooooved reading your love story! How sweet!!! >.<
    I can't wait to see your wedding fiesta! It will be beautiful I bet!
    Best wishes darling! ♥♥

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