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Hey Girl Hey, 

I was asked by my sweet friend Heather Pacheco to help design her entire salon. Heather’s not only a hair master guru, she owns and operates Shag Beauty Bar in Gilroy, CA. Her salon started out with just a few girls and a blow dryer, they offered blow outs and make up. Now, she’s running a full service AVEDA salon, you can get everything from your hair cut to colored, waxing, eyelashes extensions, and make up for your wedding, prom or a Wednesday night. With her salon growing so fast she called me in to design her growing space, all 2,555 square feet.

We first met on a Monday morning when the salon was closed to go over everything she wanted done in her space. It’s so much fun to work with someone who’s personally shines through.. it’s so contagious, it makes it not feel like work. She’s the queen of Boss Lady let me tell you. She knows how to run her business, network, and keep a good conversation all at the same time. GIRL POWER!!! She’s all about local, small businesses, and teaming up and working together and I love that in her… her spirit is alive and I feel it! As a boss lady myself I totally look up to her ethics and the vibe she sends off and couldn’t wait to start working with her.

Since the salon is huge, I’m taking it in phases. The first phase she wanted to work on is the eyelash and waxing area. It’s also the back of the salon, but that’s the newest and fastest growing area, so before she bought 3 more beds she called me to give it a fresh new look. I’ll then hit each phase until the salon is complete. My goal is to simplify the space and bring in more personality.

PHASE 1 || Waxing and Lashes || BEFORE

PHASE 2 || Washing station || BEFORE

PHASE 3 || Extra salon Stations || BEFORE 

PHASE 4 || Make-up || BEFORE

PHASE 5 || The Beauty Bar || BEFORE

PHASE 6 || the boutique || BEFORE 

PHASE 7 || the entrance lounge / product || BEFORE 


When it came to the inspiration Heather knows and trusts me to run wild with my imagination and design a new, fresh salon. Hallelujah!!!! As a designer you love to hear those words!!! It’s all about that TRUST!!!!! I immediately knew the direction I wanted to go. Clean, simple, organized, black and white with a pop of pink and lots of fresh green.

Let me show you what I see for the salon… here’s a few mood boards, if you will. || With every client I create a Pinterest Board to share ideas, here are some in our board.


  • live wall
  • pink neon signs
  • words in moss
  • a custom giant pegboard 
  • gallery walls
  • coffee bar
  • a new boutique zone for more merchandise
  • black walls
  • new hair stations
  • bigger make up area
  • fresh plants throughout

That’s it for now, I will keep you updated with phases moving forward. Feel free to comment down below and let me know what you think of the before. I’m excited about this project!!!!


Tamara Lee


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