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I’m so excited about this design project, working with Heather has been so much fun. A few months ago Heather had asked me to re-design her entire salon to give it new life for her clients, who she appreciates so much. She’s such a great host too, its no wonder she wants the best for her clients as well. The salon is well over 2,000 square feet and I’ve been having a blast so far. Her spirit is so bright it’s contagious, I want more!!! Because the salon is so big, I am breaking it down in phases. This is Phase 1, we are starting in the back of the salon as to it’s the newest addition. Shag Beauty Bar is non-stop and that means it keeps growing. Since I’ve been there we had to change a few designs from her growth. Needing to add more stations for more stylist to keep the flow going. No complaints here, it’s more time I get to do what I do best!

We have met a few times, last one was a fun shopping trip to Homegoods. We found baskets, shelves, rugs and blankets, to name what I can think of right now, for the entire salon. We picked up a ton of awesome finds, as the phases go on I will point them all out. We left with 3 carts.. you know it was a successful trip.

If you saw the last salon post then you saw the break down if not catch the pics here ⇒ inspiration/welcome blog . Since then I started on Phase 1 and I can’t wait to show you what we are up to. 

figuring out the back window

This is the back entrance to the salon (that’s not used by clients) The entire wall is window, which brings in an amazing amount of light. At first my thought was to tint the huge window or to put up a huge rod of some sort with curtains, then the mess of having to move 10 feet of fabric didn’t sounds fun. Then my creative juices were flowing and I came up with a LIVE WALL! It would be perfect for this space. We can make it on wheels to turn around and move to other ends of the salon. It all starts off with inspiration, check out this wall.. the neon light is what got me thinking .. I can make this happen.

Live wall inspiration from Pinterest

I told Heather my idea and immediately she loved it, she also knew a local horticulturalist to help us out {{ Heck yeah }}  I totally don’t have a green thumb, so being able to tell someone my design is like magic unicorns to me singing karaoke to Like a Prayer from my all time fav Madonna. anywhoooo..

We met with Ashlee, she was very knowledgeable and it turns out her mother Wendy with Rust-eration Designs could build us the wall. I designed the wall to be 7′ long by 7 1/2 ‘ tall, 2’ deep and on huge wheels. Heather does a lot of events at the salon so my thought was to not only use this wall in replacement to the screen, (as seen in before pictures) it will block more light for those working back there but when she does have an event she can push it forward to use as a photo-op/ wall divider to the rest of the salon!!! Bam whaaat!?!

I can’t believe Wendy made this come alive. It took over 650 plants, countless bags if dirt and a day of planting. Ashlee and Wendy are awesome at what they do. check out the progress… We will now have the custom neon light places in, plants will be planted around.

I know right? isn’t it like a dream? I still am completely blown away with how amazing it looks, and its still not even done.

make mine neon

On Instagram I had the privileged of meeting an amazing company that makes custom neon lights called Brite Lite Tribe I sent them a email for quotes and she got back to me with a few options, this is the one we ordered, I went with pink so when its off you can still see it. 

In this phase we are going to have 2 neon lights hang on the wall. One in the brow area that says Brows and another in the lash area that says Lash!

I totally would recommend Brite Lite Tribe for a awesome light. it added that vintage pop in just about any room. Whether it’s a custom neon light, a letter light box, or a funky light up ice cream cone they have so much fun products to chose from.. why not have fun with design? I love how creative they are when it comes to their products.  So much cool stuff. Plus they are just a great company that’s why I love coming back for more. Soon my vintage trailer will have a custom sign I just have to figure out what I want it to be..

wall treatment 

When I first saw the salon I knew I needed to address the huge blank wall situation. My first initial thought was fun funky wall paper, but after measuring one section of this area it’s  25′ L by 10′ high I immediately knew that was going to add up super quick and it did. Over $4,000 for removable wallpaper so I went with Plan B. For these huge walls in this phase it’s simply going to consist of electrical tape and criss crosses, not only super fun, it’s easy and cheap! If there a way to save money I am all about. This is the pattern I am going for, but more spaced out..

criss cross

Everything on the walls that are there now will come off and be replaced with the simple criss cross designs. The platform and sofa will also be removed to make room for 3 beds for eyelash services.

Peg it!

 Now let’s discuss what’s going down on the right side of this wall (above and below)

Everything will be cleared from this wall and 3 giant pegboards will replace it. As well as 3 more giants pegboards on the wall the sofa and platform were against!

Huge Peg Boards DIY from Vintage Revivals 


As it turns out Heather’s husband Mark is an AMAZING carpenter.. like when I saw amazing I mean BAD ASS! I sent over this DIY and all of a sudden I’m getting these pictures sent to me on my Ipad.

And the next time I go to the salon I’m looking at the most amazing work I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to add all the shelves and finishing touches.


When I think of a work zone especially a hair salon with hairs everywhere I think clean! So what’s the easiest way to keep and stay clean and a clutter free zone? If it’s not needed get rid of it, if it doesn’t have a purpose let it go! Keep the floor clear.. am I right?? I know Heather agree’s so if it can be mounted to the wall for the love of it MOUNT IT!!

With that, and the fact that Mark is amazing and can build just about anything, I’m going to remove the white side table and have it replaces with a custom shelf to hold the hot wax and supplies to wax.

Phase 1 || removing the cabinet || Before

These are the 2 inspirations I sent to Heather for Mark to make!


Last, for this phase I found a perfect 10′ black blackout drape to hang at the beginning of the hallway to dived the wax and lash area with the rest of the salon. It actually came in and handy man Mark installed this next pic. Also, when Heather does have advents this is the area she can wheel the live wall to it will block out the back of the salon plus her guest can use it as a photo wall and take pics in front of it.

Well kids, now that was fun wasn’t it? Soon you’ll want to be getting all waxed up in here just for the sake of getting it done there!

You’ll see this phase next in the final reveal, up next is Phase 2. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for stopping by, leave a comment telling me what inspired you.


Tamara Lee


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